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Comparing Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Our Earring Studs:

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Not to long ago someone visiting our site called and wanted to know why our cz stud earrings were so much more than this "other" websites studs. So we decided to buy the studs from our competitor and see for ourselves why their price was less.

We were appalled when the studs came and saw the difference.

Click here to see the comparison between theirs and ours:

Click here for a side by side comparison of the stones:

First, the setting is about as light as you can get and as you can see we use heavy gold mountings. This goes for all our cubic zirconia jewelry.

Secondly, all our cubic zirconia stones are faceted to the same standards as any quality diamond. As you can see their cz stone is barely faceted and is an example of a machine faceted stone. This is typical of the type of cubic zirconia you find set in silver hanging on the jewelry displays on the counter of your local department store.

Lastly, what made it worse was the image they used to represent what was sent to us. Talk about misrepresentation: Click here to see:

We've always felt that people want quality and would pay a little more for that quality. Just because our stones are fake doesn't mean it should look fake.

The old adage that you get what you pay for is certainly true.

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